Discover Fort St. John

In British Columbia’s interior is a bustling city that offers many exciting things to do during your trip.

Hotels in Fort St. John

We have both modern and more traditional country style accommodations to suit your travel plans. Stay at a hotel downtown next to a wide variety of facilitates, or out in the gentle rolling plains with easy access to campgrounds and parks to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, golfing and swimming.

Art, History & Culture

Learn about the history of British Columbia’s oldest interior city as it grew from a First Nations’ settlement to the lively oil city it is today. Fort St. John’s North Peace Museum is just one place where you can see exhibits featuring collections of historic items and historic buildings.

Outdoor Adventure

Fort St. John offers not only the energy of city life, but a variety of trails, parks, and campgrounds to explore. Fish for walleye at British Columbia’s natural Charlie Lake, hike the trails of Beatton Provincial Park or Charlie Lake Provincial Park and perhaps stay the night in one of the campground offered. Fort St. John’s landscape is also great for winter activities such as cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Fort St. John – The Energetic City

What started as a small First Nations’ settlement has become British Columbia’s oldest interior city with a bustling population that continues to grow. With its livelihood based on oil and gas development, it has become the pillar of the local economy in recent years. Northern British Columbia’s agriculture, mining, forestry, and energy developments are also industries in Fort St. John. Located next to the beautiful Peace River, there are endless opportunities for activities such as wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, camping and bird watching that both locals and visitors can take part in and enjoy.

Fort St. John has a population of 17 402 and is located along the Alaska Highway in North Eastern British Columbia, east of the Rocky Mountains.

Featured Hotels

Pomeroy Hotel

11308 Alaska Road
Fort St. John, British Columbia
Toll Free: 1-866-618-3233
Phone: (
250) 262-3233

Quality Inn Northern Grand

9830 100th Avenue
Fort St. John, British Columbia

Phone: (
250) 787-0521

Featured Restaurants

Whole Wheat 'n' Honey Cafe & Coffeehouse

10003 100 Street
Fort St. John, British Columbia
Phone: (
250) 787-9866

Forty Niner Steakhouse

8111 100th Avenue
Fort St. John, British Columbia

Phone: (
250) 787-9292

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Emergency Numbers

AMBULANCE 250-785-7233
FIRE 250-785-4333
HOSPITAL 250-262-5200
RCMP/POLICE 250-787-8100

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